May 22, 2013 (Scott’s table)

What’s the best way to immerse dev teams in customer experience

      – Common difficulty
      – Watch usability testing
      – Voice of the Customer Project at Yahoo with VCs
      – Answer support calls
How to handle content localization when it takes longer than dev cycles
      – Paid crowdsourcing: Mechanical Turk, Task Rabbit
      – Placeholder content
      – Include content readiness in release discussions
      – Cascade translation releases
      – Use metrics to decide highest priority translations
Servant Leadership/Becoming a manager
      – Find ways to learn with the family
      – 2 1/2 years to get good at it
      – Mentorship opportunities
      – Goal oriented learning
      – Empathy, trust and monitor output
Is Agile advocacy more effective top down or bottom up?
      – Seems easier top down
      – Without team buy in, doomed to fail
      – Cultural factors crucial
      – Both are necessary for success
Incorporating testing earlier in dev cycle
      – Who owns the problem, QA or Dev?
      – Behavioral Driven Development
Effective learning in your personal time
      – Figure out what type of learner you are
      – Achieving goals leads to momentum
      – Integration with family rhythms
Reassuring management when velocity drops
      – Highlight other metrics
      – Anticipate velocity drops and broadcast them
      – Show impact of decisions on velocity
Wrap up: More equal group split, more topics, 6 minute initial discussion period